Otis Library Chess Club

261 Main Street, Norwich CT
Wed. 5 pm - 8 pm

Otis Library reaches out to community members of all ages and filling the community center role after a local YMCA closed.

Rhode Island State Chess Champion Alan Lasser is a regular attendee. Players here prefer the G/15 time control, as it allows games with 3 different opponents each meeting.

June 3 - Saturday
National Doughnut Day
USCF Chess Tournament
Coventry, Connecticut

July 15 - Saturday
Summer Picnic Chess Tournament
Coventry, Connecticut

Connecticut Chess Magazine

Nelson Castaneda of New Britain won the Norwich Chess Open with a perfect 3-0 score.  Matthew Faille of Waterbury and Alan Winslow of Groton shared 2nd place, each with two wins and a draw.

Twelve players attended the three round event held Saturday March 25.  Four players were from the Otis Library Chess Club. We wish to thank Julie Menders of Otis Library for all her work on this event.

We wish to thank Angelo Vargas and Chris Scarborough, volunteers from the Otis Library Chess Club for teaching a couple newcomers on how to play.

Reporters and photographers from the Norwich Bulletin and the New London Day came to cover it.  Rob Roy of Coventry directed.

The event was sponsored by the Friends of Otis Library to popularize the library's weekly chess program held on Wednesdays 5pm - 8pm.

Click here for article by Norwich Bulletin newspaper

Click here for video documentary by New London Day

Acknowledging Our Most Faithful


6  GARY L COTE                      1825

6  REV J HUGH A JAMES           1635 

5  ROB ROY                            1400

4  JOSEPH E BIHLMEYER          2073

4  LUIS R DELGADO                1350

3  IM JAN VAN DE MORTEL       2527


3  DEREK MEREDITH                2090

3  MARK R BOURQUE              2059

3  IMMAD SADIQ                    1989

3  KEVIN ZIMMERMAN            1500



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