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The blog was created in March 2010.  It accumulated readers and got integrated with other social media.

We had our first peak in readership (lasting 4 months) It began August 2012 when we got 2257 page views. Sept 6052,  Oct 3714,  Nov 1730.

In March 2013, Rob Roy produced a special print edition (spent $500) mailed to 400+ members of the USCF.  This began another peak period lasting 5 months:  March 2861,   April 7185,   May 6572,   June 5729,   July 4248.

As of Aug 2016, we have 140 subscribers.  The number of chess players who subscribe via email is 39.

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Rob Roy, ten-time president of Connecticut Chess, converted his basement into a medium-sized tournament hall that can fit 42 players.  He organizes USCF tournaments several times per year.

This new chess center has excellent overhead lighting.  A giant screen for chess lectures.  Free Internet.  Four PC's available for use.  Climate controlled.  Equipment supplied.

Free parking.   Five minutes away from several takeout restaurants.   Free library of chess books and backgammon books.  The chess center also hosts backgammon six times per year.

Keurig coffee machine (free K-cups).  Free ice-cold drinks.  Free snacks.  Ice-Water on tap.  Kitchen area.  (Pool table and music but not during USCF games).

Located 18 miles East of Hartford.  Address is 3111 South Street, Coventry CT 06238.  860 742-5562     Google map 

Saturday, November 19


2016 Eastern Connecticut Chess Open

3-SS. G/60 d10.  Cash Prizes: 1st-$240, 2nd-$120, Top U2000-$120 b/12 entries, more per entries. Rob Roy Chess Center, 3111 South St., Coventry CT   EF: $60 cash only.  Reg: 9:30-10:30 am at site only. 
No adv. entry. Rd. 1 - 11 am. Rds. 2-3 asap. No Spectators. Adults only. Free food and drinks. Free Lecture 10 am  860 742-5562