August Issue 
Connecticut Chess Magazine features a dozen news articles and annotated games. Also included are four videos, five tournament reports.

Rob Roy Chess Center

This tournament honors
all stand-up comedians
Rob Roy's Top Ten Comedians
Jerry Seinfeld
Robin Williams
Rodney Dangerfield
George Carlin
Steve Martin
Richard Pryeor
Steven Wright
Amy Schumer
Sam Kinison
Redd Foxx

There are many more comedians
that I love, it was difficult to pick
my favorite ten.

COVENTRY                 Sat August 5       Rob Roy Chess Center

NORWICH                      Wed 5 pm         Otis Library  261 Main St.

STAFFORD SPRINGS      Thurs 7 pm       Town Hall  1 Main St.


Rob Roy Chess Center  3111 South Street
Coventry Connecticut USA - (860)742-5562
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