Thanks for participating in the Connect-ED Notification System!

The Connect-ED UPDATE (My Connect) has been disabled. We ask that parents who need to update children's information right away please go to the regular form below and re-enter your child's information.  This data will be picked up twice in October, and then one a month at the beginning of the month. 

If you have more than one child in the school system, we ask that you register and update ALL students, since calls are sometimes placed to single grade levels.

The Georgetown School System uses the Connect-ED system to notify parents about school closings, school news, special events, and emergencies. By providing us with accurate information, you help us communicate with you appropriately and efficiently.  Please take a few moments and fill out the FORM for each of your children. Additionally, schools and principals may use the email feature of the Connect-ED system to distribute information in a timely manner to parents, such as announcements, newsletters, and notices.

For each child you will be required to submit the following information:

1. Your child's first and last name. Please use the name as it appears on the birth certificate, as this field can then be used to link to our school databases and update information there. If your child's full name is William, but you enter his name as  "Skippy," because that's what you call him on a regular basis, the databases will not communicate with each other, and your information may be lost.

2. Your child's UNIQUE ID number. This is your child's Locally Assigned User ID number. It is not confidential in any way. For children who attend the Middle-High School, it is the number on their lunch card. It normally begins with 001, 002, or 003, and is an EIGHT digit number. (There are a few exceptions at the high school. For the elementary students, the number will be sent home on a label affixed to your child's agenda book or travel folder. For Preschool, the label should be attached directly to the notice that is sent home.

3. Your primary phone number. This is the number that will be called in all cases. It will be called for snow days, emergencies, and general notifications. This can be a cell phone, if your primary phone is a cell phone.

OPTIONAL INFORMATION includes other phone numbers, and this year there is a field for SMS, if you'd like to try a text feature. This is an untried technology for us this year, and it is not yet in place. 

Please note: the ONLY number that will be called in non-emergency situations is the PRIMARY number. Any other number you give us will only be used in emergency situations.