Does the Libor Reflect Bank Borrowing Costs? (with Thomas Youle)

Barriers to Entry in the Airline Industry: A Multidimensional Regression Discontinuity Analysis of the Wendel H. Ford Aviation Act (with Jonathan Williams; Forthcoming Review of Economics and Statistics)

Partial Identification and Mergers (with Geert Ridder and Jin Hahn; Forthcoming Economics Letters)

The Fix is In: Detecting Portfolio Driven Manipulation of the LIBOR (with Thomas Youle ; Subsumes most of "Does the Libor Reflect Bank Borrowing Costs") 

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Work In Progress

Regulating Indirect Auto Finance (with Jorge Silva-Risso)

Bundling Cars and Car Loans: Sales Person Incentives at Auto Dealerships (with Jorge Silva-Risso)

The American Frontier 1820-1940: Theory and Evidence from 5 Million Settler Choices (with Christian Dipple, Trevor O'Grady and Alex Whalley)