What is Conmigo?

Conmigo is a great app that lets you share expenses and settle easily with roommates, friends and partners.
You can manage and track transactions within any group. You'll always know your balance and could settle debts in one click.

Ever had to share expenses with roommates or friends, when no one ever remembers for what he paid and when, it is always a mess. Well this is exactly what Conmigo is for!

  • Create a Conmigo user or login with Facebook (one less password to remember)
  • Create groups of partners to share expenses with.
  • Add expenses for any partner in group by category and date, add your notes to each expense.
  • See who you owe and who owes you in a clear form
  • Show your partners how much they owe each other
  • Settle debts within a group easily
  • NEW: Multiple groups
    Have a long-term group for your apartment and also add a quick settle for restaurant bill or a trip.
  • Get smart tips on how to manage future expenses

We're still in beta, so here's what to expect:
  • Sync! Every transaction and update is synced between partners' devices. Each group member will always be up to date.
  • Website! For access from everywhere with your Conmigo account.
  • There are lots of other small but cool features in our arsenal, but we'd like you to be surprised.

Now it’s easy to share!

Help us improve our app, we will appreciate to hear any suggestion, remark or idea you have. 

- Featured on Cnet How-To (01-May)
- v2.0 is released (29-Jan)
- Released v1.1.1. It fixes a bug with decimal point on European locales. Thanks to all who reported it! (23-Oct)
- Featured on AndroidTapp (10-Oct)
- v1.1 is released (08-Oct)
- Got into "10 Hot Apps" on AppBrain (28-Sept)
- Featured on LifehackerBusiness Insider (27-Sept)
- Featured on Addictive  Tips (27-Sept)

Conmigo Team.