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Conisbrough Ivanhoe Cycling Club

Puncture 1985
Speed Trials 1951


Derbyshire 1949

Correction from Doreen Hall (nee Goddard)


Standing: not known, Malcolm Gregory and Jack Howe


Seated : Leonard Teece, dont know - but not Doreen Goddard, Ken Firth & Ray Longley


From the left Tony Macsweeny, Joe Hill, Joe Limer, and Gianna Macsweeny

Tony Macsweeny named all these and taken some of the photos.



Dance and Presentation Night






From the left top row Reg Thomson, Dug Massey, Trevor Osbrook, George Stillings from Edlington, Jeff Tod, one with the glasses not known, George Smith, Bert Street,

bottom row from the left Jean Bray, Joe Limer,Gwen Walton now Ken Keeling's wife , and Colin Wheat from Edlington.