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1941 - November

In November 1941 the Council decided to modify the Blackout
A well known
local Trade Unionist dies

There’s a new licensee at the Lord Conyers
and planning is underway for the
Warship week

More stories of local patriots emerge
with the Saxton family providing 9 members of the Forces

United gain their first wins
With over 30 goals in the month to savour

1941 - September

In September 1941 we read stories about Denaby's young evacuees
and the Home Guard at Camp Mission

Another miner dies after being hit by a Tub
and the Medical Report shows all round improvements

Emergency Powers for the Civil Defence
shows how everybody was involved

echoed by Gas Masks at School, Comforts Fund
and the WVS second birthday
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1941 - October

In Wartime Conisbrough and Denaby during October 1941

the Food and Savings Committee's were meeting regularly
with Planning for the Warship Week high on the Agenda

There were better Pay and Holidays
for the Staff of the Isolation Hospital

Denaby United are still searching for their first win

and News from the Front includes a
Commissioned Officer, a young lady in the ATS

and a fighting family of five from Denaby

1882 - December

December 1882 began with the story of
an 18 year girl killed when two trains crossed

followed by the News of a New Railway Station
and a New Police Station is being built

and there's proposals for a New Cemetery
There's Certificates for the School Children

but Prison for a cruel Pony Driver
and the Sessions for two Brothers who 'found' a watch

Justin Scott, Greengrocer and 100 Heroes

 Conisbrough Playwright Justin Scott has been in touch to tell us about his latest projects and the Empire Award he has received from New York.

Keith Butcher has been good enough to send me a photo of the Greengrocer who was killed at Conisbrough Station in November 1924. There are more photos of the Greengrocer on his excellent Bygone Conisbrough & Denaby site

100 Heroes

The names of 100 Heroes from Conisbrough and Denaby Main were read out, one after another,  on Armistice Sunday in front of the Tower of London, in a sea of poppies.

You can now see this historic event on our site and on Utube, just click on the link below:

Again many thanks to Sarah and Craig for this achievement







1965 - January

In January 1965 a new  Northcliffe Garage
is launched  with new owners

Northcliffe students enjoyed a Dancing club social
and the basketball team was enjoying success

There were Christmas events at the Fullerton Hospital,
Ellershaw Estate, the Police and Civic Annual Dances

There was a Christmas Eve football match between
Denaby Institute and the Comrades Club

A man was resued after being trapped in a Trench
whilst a Church Officer had to clear snow for a Funeral

There was a  BEM and a MBE for Denaby & Conisbrough
and an article about the Denaby Cemetery Gates

We hear about United's loyal fan and
the club opposes a £80 maximum wage (for the team!)

while they still await their first win
and many thanks  to Yvonne Taylor for her help in transcription!

1964 - December

Our visit to 50 years ago concludes
with various Xmas Parties for pensioners and former miners

and a
Centenary Celebration of Denaby Main
with the Manager enthusing for another 100 years !

and stories of a terrific 15 year old Ambulance cadet
who has given 600 hours service to he elderly

Ellershaw Youth Club do a Nativity Play
while Northcliffe produce 'Brer' Rabbit

and Vandals attempt to destroy Denaby Schools Christmas
but Tom Hill come to the rescue and save the day

12 - December

1924 - December

As 1924 draws to a close
we read of interesting lectures by the Conisboro' Literary Society

As M.P. Tom Williams  talks of the difficulties of Emigration
and the subject of Machinery as Evidence of Human Progress is discussed

Denaby Cricket Club hold their annual Dinner
and Conisborough Cricket Club their AGM

Denaby United
have an unbeaten month
with a 7-0 thrashing of Gainborough the highlight

There is a fine performance of the 'Messiah' at Denaby
and 'Yorkshire for Yorkshire' suggested as a slogan at the Collieries staff dinner

Conisbrough & Denaby 100 - A Remarkable Event

On Rememberance Sunday, 9th November, Sarah Smith and Craig Jackson arranged to have the names of the Conisbrough and Denaby 100 on the Tower of London Roll of Honour 

The roll of Honour, including the Conisbrough and Denaby 100 was  read out in front of the Tower of London, surrounded by a sea of Poppies and followed by the Last Post.
You can now view this remarkable event

Please also read the information on Sarah and Craig's Web Site; the research and detail provided for each man is a further worthy tribute to the men who died.

Sarah and Craig's website is :