The Congregation Of Yahweh  


What is the name by which we must be saved?

Brother, sister, are you saved?  If so who is your

personal Saviour?


The Apostle Peter said, "Be it known unto you all, and to all the people of Israel, that by the Name of Yahshua the Messiah of Nazareth, whom ye executed, whom Yahweh raised from the dead, even by Him does this man stand here before you whole.  This is the stone which was set at nought by you builders, which is become the head of the corner.  Neither is there salvation in any other; for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved."- Acts 4:1.0-13.

The subject that Peter was discussing was not a question of advanced knowledge, nor was he trying to bring division in the then existing church, he was not quibbling about mere words, nor was he trying to start a new religion.  He was speaking simply on the plain A. B. C. of the subject of salvation.

Paul, the great teacher said.  "For though there be many that are called elohim, (mighty ones), whether in heaven or in earth, but to us there is but one Elohim, the Father, of Whom are all things and we in him; and one Saviour, Yahshua the Messiah, by Whom are all things, and we by Him." - I Cor. 8:5-6.

The fifth verse is undoubtedly referring to the deities of the Gentiles, such as the Assyrian idol Gawd, the Deity of Fortune; the Babylonian idols Baal, Adonay, Nebo, etc.; the Greek idols Zeus, Adonis, Dionysius, Theos, Kurios; and Spanish Dios; the Italian Iddio; the French Dieu; the Polish Bog, Pan; the Hungarian Nehusta; the Indian Manito; and so on, ad infinitum.  Each nation had its own dieties, and baals (lords), every one of them supposed to be a saviour to them, such as Zeus-Soter was to the Greeks, meaning "Zeus-Saviour", better known as Ie-Zeus or Je-Sus.

Is any one of these your Saviour?  If so, you had better investigate.  Peter said there is but "one name" by which we "must be saved", and that "name" was, is, and ever shall be, Yahshua, The Messiah, Paul said, in addressing true believers, "But to us there is only one Elohim, the Father, and one Saviour, Yahshua, the Messiah, the Son." Do you believe in them?

Solomon in dedicating the Temple of Yahweh at Jerusalem, in his dedicatory prayer, said, "Moreover concerning the stranger that is not of Thy people Israel, but cometh out of a far country for Thy Names's Sake, for they shall all hear of Thy Great Name, and of Thy strong hand and of Thy stretched out arm: when he shall come in and pray toward this house; hear Thou in heaven Thy dwelling place, and do according to all that the stranger calleth to thee for: that all the people of the earth may know Thy Name, and fear Thee, as do Thy people Israel."- I Kings 8:43.

Now the name that the Most High had revealed to Israel, and to his predecessors, is Yahweh.  From the prayer of Solomon, which we quoted above, we learn that the stranger was supposed to know the Most High by the same name that Israel knew Him by, and that Name was, is, and ever shall be Yahweh, the same as Adam knew Him by, and all the Old Testament saints; yea, and all the early New Testament saints also.- Exo. 3:15.

The contracted form of the Name of Yahweh is Yah, as we have it in Psalm 68:4.  Add to this fact that the Hebrew word for salvation is "Ishuah", and you have the name "Yahshua", Yah is salvation, the very Name by which our Saviour was known by all his intimates and the believers of the early church for at least 400 years after His ascension.

The Name that the angels, announced to Mary and Joseph, was not the Greek "Iesous," or "Je-sus," the Greek deity Zeus, but the Hebrew name "Yah-Shuah," for, remember, the Angels were addressing Jewish members of the Hebrew race, and not Greeks; as Paul says, "It is evident that our Saviour sprang out of Judah."Heb. 7:14.

As we have stated above, the meaning of Yah-shuah is "Yah is Salvation," but the meaning of Jesus, or Ie-sous, in the Greek, is "Healing-Zeus," the equivalent of Amraphel, which in Hebrew, means, "Ham the healing diety."

In the Old Testament, the New Testament Name of the Saviour is revealed three times.  In translating from the Hebrew of Ex. 15:2, we read.  "Yah is my strength and my song, and He is become my Ishuah (Salvation)." Join the first word Yah, and the last word Ishuah, and you have the New Testament Name of the Saviour.  Again, in translating from the Hebrew of Psalm 118:14, the very same words are used, without adding or subtracting of a single letter.  The Hebrew of Isaiah 12:2 reads, and I quote, "Behold, the Elohim is my Ishuah (Salvation); I will trust and not be afraid, for Yah-Yahweh' is my strength and my song; and is become my 'lshuah' (Salvation)." Again compound the Yah and the word for Salvation, and once more you have Yah-shuah.

The Babylonian apologists tell us that one name is just as good as another, but any poll-Parrot can say "just as good." Who taught the human poll-parrot to say it? The answer is Satan, masquerading behind the names of pagan deities.  See I Cor. 10:19,20.

The general alibi is that the New Testament says Je-sus, meaning our modern versions, as we now have them: but originally it was not so.  The New Testament was originally written in Aramaic and Hebrew languages, and that was all the New Testament there was until as late as the Fourth Century.  It was after this date, the Nicolaitans ( Nike-Laity. the exalters of Zeus), having infiltrated the Assembly, conquered over the believers, who at this time had lost their evangelistic ardor (first love).  It was these Greek usurpers, of the, Assembly of Yahshuah who translated the New Testament from the original Greek language, substituting the names of their pagan deities, Zeus, Kurios, and Theos, for the original names of Yahweh, the Elohim, Yahshua, the Messiah; who methodically destroyed every trace of the Hebrew texts then in existence, palming off the falsehood that the New Testament had been written in Greek.

Not only did they substitute the Names, but they also corrupted the texts which have produced in the scriptures the apparent contradictions.

(Modern scholarship is awakening to this fact and abundant evidence is furnished by such an authority as Dr. C. C. Torrey, Professor Emeritus of Semitic Languages in Yale University, in his books, The Four Gospels, Our Translated Gospels, and Documents of the Primitive Church.- Ed.)

The spirit is going to and fro, in the cities of the Nations seeking for those that sigh and cry because corruptions within the midst of the religious world, and is putting a mark or seal, upon the foreheads (seat of intelligence) of those who recognize the sinfulness of it, and are willing to do something about it, (Ezk. 9:4: Hos. 2:15,16).  That seal, or mark. is the Sacred Names of Yahweh the Father and Yahshua the Son. (See Rev. 14:1, with marginal reading).

Brother, sister, have you received that seal?  If not, why not?  "There is no other Name given among men whereby we must be saved" (Acts 4:12).