Ultimate laptop bag mod


OR: How I modded a "TekMod" laptop bag for ultimate laziness and useability

Here are a few pictures of my modded laptop case, along with how I made it. This project all started when I purchased a Tekmod bag, but still was not satisfied with it. Make no mistake, this is a wonderful bag (But don't talk to me about import duty from it - damn UK customs), but with a bluetooth dongle, ipod and usb-connected phone I want to leave plugged in, the grab-and-go functionality is impaired somewhat, with the aforementioned parts needing to be stowed away every journey.

There is a sizeable compartment on the back of the bag, easily enough for my ipod, bluetooth dongle and phone, and so I decided to add an internal usb port to the compartment. The trouble is, most usb cables have a long "stalk" coming out of the back of them, meaning that when I fold up the case, either the cable or (even worse) usb port of my laptop will break. In the end, I took out my trusty dremel-clone, and made a flush, 90 degree usb plug:

This was the hardest part of the project, as even good epoxy struggles to stick to the tinny metal used in usb plugs. I still have not gotten around to insulating the plug, but I know myself well enough to know I never will.

Onwards then, to where the real fun starts. By unpicking a hole in the side of the bag, I fed the usb cable into the compartment, then soldered it to a spare usb hub which has been hacked and burned more times than I care to mention:

(Although this picture does not show it, the wire from the usb plug to the usb hub goes through a hole in the laptop case.)

Tra la - The Finished Project:







I use the outer pocket for charging/syncing devices, and the inner compartment for the bluetooth dongle and cables. 

I hope this page has been of interest to someone, and if anyone else tries this or has any ideas for improvement, please email me: confused.fishcake@gmail.com