How I Did It
by Baron Victor Von Frankenstein Eureka Confounding
(Granted this page needs lots of work.  This will eventually link to all the little pictorial reports and How-To Videos that I will be building.)
Systems Engineering
Costume Design
How to Think it Through
For an example, see this one:

Research - First research (online) what the character looks like from every angle and what the character does.  (When I researched Nightcrawler from Marvel comics, I found pictures of him from all angles.  He wears a skin-tight costume featuring a turtleneck with clearly no zipper nor buttons.  Presumably he uses his mutant power to teleport through space to get in and out of his costume every time.  I would have to use the magic of Velcro and hideaway zippers to achieve the effect.)
Requirements and Desirements - Write down what the costume absolutely must do to be recognizable as the character, and what you would greatly like for it to do to amaze onlookers.
Components - Now list out what costume components could accomplish all the requirements and desires you listed.  Make sure you imagine now how you will wear all the components at the same time, and how you will get in and out of this costume.
Subprojects -  Take each component you listed, one by one, and decide how you will build it.  If it is animated, does it want to be animatronic or animechanical?  If it is clothing, does it want to be leather or spandex or something in between?
 Integration - Remember when I mentioned being able to wear all these components at the same time?
Stages of design/build (research (online), design and Sys Eng.(Rorschach as case study),
syseng( inputs>costume piece>outputs. Move shoulders>wings>flap.)

detail design (requirements & desirements(always desire as fast and cheap and durable as possible while meeting req's),
decide cost, research appearance, personality, parts, and materials), learn skills(), order/buy parts and materials, build ).
Panel Talks:
Panel discussions from DragonCon 2015:
3D Scanning, Modeling, and Printing for Costumes (web page coming soon)
Costuming on a Low-Budget (web page coming soon) 

Panel Discussions for DragonCon 2013:
From costume Casual to Costuming MacGuyver 

Panel Discussions from DragonCon 2012
Costuming on a Shoestring Budget
Practical Considerations
Gadget Props

Costumes for 2014:
Dragon Slayer Knight

Costumes for 2012:
Vishnu, Defender of the Universe

Costuming on a Shoestring Budget
Practical Considerations
Gadget Props

For everyone who saw the Electronics and Animation Panel at DragonCon 2011, Here I will be posting pics and video of the subjects I talked about Sept 8th, 2011:

Categories of Prosthetics:

Small Simple Wings
Large Mechanical Wings
Animatronic Ears
Rorschach Mask with Thermal Color Change

Theoretical Costuming
(I plan to make a page for each type with a little pictorial report showing how I have made these types of costumes so you can see.)
Categories of costumes. (makeup, fabric, leather, foam, hard armor, animechanics, animatronics, puppetry & static props(which sit on a costume).) Illusions.(extra body parts, levitation, invisible performer),
Categories of Costume Components: (Animatronics, Animechanics, Static Structures, Clothing, Makeup)
Applied Costuming:
There are many skills you might want to practice for use in costuming.  (I will link these items to pages showing how I use these skills and what results I get.  This section might have to wait a while.)
makeup, sewing, positive sculpting, negative sculpting, mold, model clay, bondo, adhesives, fabric, clay, rubber latex, fiberglass epoxy, leather, metals, wood, electronics, soldering, programming
Design and Systems Engineering

Here is the equipment I build as a hobby; I hope to make a home-business of it some day.


Next after that: Animatronics:
In 2010 I tried out Animatronics for the first time and enjoyed it. It's always good to add another tool to your toolbox.
Layers: performer, light clothing and protective layer, mechanical layer, protective layer, decorative surface.

Articulated Animechanical Satyr Legs

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