Monstrosity is a long and challenging CTM ("Complete the Monument") map that is not for the faint of heart. Explore a massive network of caves mysteriously abandoned by the once great ARCANE Co. Delve deep enough, and you might just find out why they fled. This map is combat-heavy, so some experience playing Minecraft is recommended.

What is a CTM ("Complete the Monument") Map?
The goal of a CTM map is simple -- find certain objective blocks (typically colored wool or glass) hidden around the map and bring them to a central location (typically called the "monument"). Unlike other map genres, CTM maps generally have very few rules and restrictions -- you may mine, build, craft, and do just about anything in your power to reach the objective blocks and outwit the many challenges and traps that protect them.

Warning: If you play it in the latest version of Minecraft, the map will break!

Note: If you lost all of the brown cores, the lava flows on the coaster sure look suspicious...