Please submit an abstract for your presentation before December 1st at midnight by filling the electronic form below. 
Registration is now open.
There will be cash prizes for the best presentations, courtesy of the student associations of Université de Sherbrooke (RECSUS), Université de Montréal (AÉDIROUM), École Polytechnique de Montréal (AÉCSP), and McGill University (MGAPS).
About the presentation types
In the registration form, you need to specify if you want to do an introduction or specialty talk. 

Introduction talks
Length: 25 min + 5 min questions
Goal: To present a pedagogical introduction to a subject (typically related to but not on your project) to make it interesting and accessible for everyone. Typical subjects requiring an introduction talk include, but are not restricted to: superconducting qubits, semiconductor qubits, optical qubits and communication, ion trap qubits, quantum error correction, quantum algorithms.
Specialty talks
Length: 12 min + 3 min questions
Goal: After an introduction given by someone else, to give a specialized talk about your research.
According to the propositions, the presentations will be grouped in themes and some people might be asked if they want to change their presentation type (introduction vs specialty). An abstract submission is also a registration. An important feature of this conference is that everyone should present, including interns and people who recently started a M.Sc., Ph.D., or postdoc. If you want to attend without giving a presentation, you need to fill the registration form and provide a justification (e.g. you just started your M.Sc.). If too many abstracts are received, the selection will be based on experience: given one of the objectives of the conference is to allow people to practice talks, participants with the least amount of experience will be selected first.
The suggested language for the presentations is English. Nevertheless, presentations in French will also be accepted.