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Art. 22. Affermiamo che Genesi 1-11 racconta dei fatti come pure tutto il resto dei libri. Respingiamo la teoria secondo la quale gli insegnamenti di Genesi 1-11 sono mitici. Respingiamo pure l’idea che le ipotesi scientifiche sulla storia della terra e l’origine dell’uomo possano essere invocate per capovolgere ciò che Ia Scrittura insegna sulla creazione.

Since the historicity and the scientific accuracy of the early chapters of the Bible have come under severe attack it is important to apply the "literal" hermeneutic espoused (Article XV) to this question. The result was a recognition of the factual nature of the account of the creation of the universe, all living things, the special creation of man, the Fall, and the Flood. These accounts are all factual, that is, they are about space-time events which actually happened as reported in the book of Genesis (see Article XIV).

The article left open the question of the age of the earth on which there is no unanimity among evangelicals and which was beyond the purview of this conference. There was, however, complete agreement on denying that Genesis is mythological or unhistorical. Likewise, the use of the term "creation" was meant to exclude the belief in macro-evolution, whether of the atheistic or theistic varieties.