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Art. 15. Affermiamo che è necessario interpretare la Bibbia secondo il suo senso letterale o naturale. Il senso letterale è il senso storico-grammaticale, cioè quello espresso dall’autore. L’interpretazione secondo il senso letterale tiene conto di tutte le figure di stile e di tutte le forme letterarie del testo. Respingiamo come illegittimo ogni approccio alla Scrittura che attribuisce al testo un significato che il senso letterale non suffraga.

The literal sense of Scripture is strongly affirmed here. To be sure the English word literal carries some problematic connotations with it. Hence the words normal and grammatical-historical are used to explain what is meant. The literal sense is also designated by the more descriptive title grammatical-historical sense. This means the correct interpretation is the one which discovers the meaning of the text in its grammatical forms and in the historical, cultural context in which the text is expressed.

The Denial warns against attributing to Scripture any meaning not based in a literal understanding, such as mythological or allegorical interpretations. This should not be understood as eliminating typology or designated allegory or other literary forms which include figures of speech (see Articles X, XIII, and XIV).