Finding a conference of interest


gleebooks has a wealth of experience researching, sourcing & selling books & other materials in relation to speakers & presenters at conferences across a number of disciplines. We can:

  • Research and source in print book titles of speakers and presenters
  • Research and source titles relevant to specific topics and/or forums
  • Organize launches of new titles in co-operation with the relevant publisher
  • Set up and staff a bookstall carrying all relevant material, available for sale on the spot
  • Research and order titles not on the bookstall of interest to conference attendees
  • Offer a customer service in store renowned for its ability to track down the elusive and obscure
  • Provide online lists of titles displayed at each conference's bookstall

With a strong emphasis on humanities, we have provided bookstalls at events ranging from 1200 attendee conferences to small seminars and symposiums.

Aboriginal studies, cultural studies, linguistics, and psychology & psychotherapy are our particular strengths. However we regularly provide bookstalls for conferences and events across a wide range - from feminist economics to infant mental health to somatechnics to peace studies.

To help ensure that your bookstall is as successful as possible, please note the following:

  • Many academic titles are not actively carried in warehouses in Australia. A minimum lead time of six weeks is best to try and ensure as many relevant titles are available as possible
  • Bibliographic tools used in the booktrade do not always list contributors to anthologies. If possible, please ask your presenters and keynote speakers for a list of their publications which can then be forwarded to gleebooks as soon as possible
  • If a speaker has a new title due for release, please approach us as soon as possible so that we can work with the publisher and/or distributor & conference organiser to organise a launch at the conference venue or at gleebooks
  • We are more than happy to handle self-published material from authors at our bookstalls. Please ask them to contact us for a fact sheet about consignment stock and to organise delivery to either the venue or gleebooks main shop in Glebe
  • We usually set up the bookstall at the venue and leave it up overnight when relevant. A secure location is important to ensure that we don't lose any stock. If we need to pack up at the end of each day, please let us know so we can organise extra staff if necessary
  • We are able to provide trestle tables if necessary, but we do prefer to use the venue's own tables. We usually require a minimum of two tables, though larger bookstalls will require more. A double power point is also required
If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to organising and running your next conference bookstall!

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