International Conference on Human Rights

"From Human Rights to Essential Rights"

1st June 2018, Bari (Italy)


  • Aldo Moro University of Bari
  • Alcide De Gasperi University of Euroregional Economy in Józefów (Poland)

  •  University of Rzeszów, Faculty of Law and Administration
  •  University Jaume I in Castellon De La Plana
  • University in Valencia
  • University of Finance and Management in Warsaw
  • Mediterranean University of Tirana
  • AAB College in Kosovo

Deadline for registration: 30 marca 2018
Conference languages: English, Polish, Italian 

Aim of the conference:
Human rights are nowadays the subject of a deep concern targeting to put a man to a central place in the modern world, but they are also the subject of rhetorical statements, often even without any effective influence on contemporary life.
Looking closer, it should be noted that the term "human rights" is very vague and refers to historically relative rights (changing over time with conditions). An example of this are environmental laws ignored for decades, and now considered as a priority, animal rights or issues related to artificial intelligence, rights neglected for long time.
The process of reaching these rights should be discovered and / or written. It is worth taking example from the Roman approach, which led to the existence of a right from previous protection measures.
The discoveries result from education.
The change that cannot be passed on to governments and politicians results from the interpretation of the law. Today, legislators are called to a new formulation of the rights: NEW CARD, which defines BASIC LAWS and legal protection measures concerning: man in historical perspective, the environment and artificial intelligence.
The contribution for the construction of a new charter of fundamental rights, which should be both: a charter of rights and, at the same time, a charter of action, is this conference and previous conferences on human rights, organized by universities  in Bari and Józefów.

I Session : Ethical Principles and Fundamental Rights 
For a long time, they tried to keep ethics out of the law (claiming that it is a product of the pre-legal period). Today we are aware that law is irrelevant without ethics and must return to being ars boni et aliqui.

II Session: Fundamental Rights and Law 
The birth and development of humanitarian law have shown that there is a need to identify the situations and rights that should be protected in every circumstances, including war. The fact is that we must define forms of guarantee in every situation and in all circumstances that make up fundamental rights.

III Session: Human Rights and Environmental Rights
The natural environment, along with its unpredictable conditioning, has become dominant in the panorama of rights. Today, minimal forms of environmental protection must be defined as soon as possible, even if they are contrary to the interests of people and countries.

IV Session: Fundamental Rights, Neuro knowledge, Robotics and Inspection perspective
Pointing out basic human rights and forms of protection, apart from institutional competences and financial conditions, in the perspective of the current situation, one should remember about: expectations of future generations, new experiences resulting from the developing neuroscience and artificial intelligence technology.