ISDDE is the International Society for Design and Development in Education (website).
Around the world, there are accomplished people dedicated to raising the quality of design of educational processes and materials. ISSDE was formed to help this group work effectively as a coherent professional design and development community.The focus lies on designing for math and science education.
The theme for the 2012 conference is:

'Unpacking design processes'

The ISDDE has as its aim to help establish a well organised and research-based body of knowledge concerning educational design. This knowledge should both be factual, describing how designers work; and productive, offering helpful guidelines to designers. The conference focuses on good practices in educational design. Experienced designers will be asked to share their experiences and unpack the process of design. Conference attendees are invited to contribute their own experiences and knowledge.

The conference will be organised around four strands:

Learning design

This design work centers on (engendering) specific learning processes and disciplinary understanding, e.g. tasks to promote learning through problem solving, software for learning about fractions.
Working group leaders: Sheila Evans, Frans van Galen

Curriculum design

This design work serves learning and comprehension, but from the perspective of educating (various grained sized) groups of learners (classes, schools, states), e.g. Integrated sets of learning activities, teacher support materials. There will be a subgroup on designing on line curricula.
Working group leaders: Jacqueline Barber, Susan MacKenney, Peter Boon.

Designing implementation strategies

New in 2012, this design work focuses on creating viable, effective, sustainable pathways to implement policies, products, or both, e.g. dissemination strategies for teaching and learning materials, training and support strategies for curriculum reform.
Working group leaders: Katja Maass, Henk van der Kooij.

Designing professional development

This design work yields high quality teacher professional development, e.g. communities of practice, peer coaching.
Working group leaders: David Webb, Mieke Abels