Visages of Shipbreaking Workers by YPSA (Photos by Pierre Torset)

VISAGES of SHIPBREAKING WORKERS, an insight in the reality of migrant workers coming from all Bangladesh to work in the shipbreaking of Chittagong.

These pictures are the reflection of the devastating environmental and working conditions on the beaches of Bangladesh caused by shipbreaking where poor workers are forced to work because of their poverty.

The Pictures are taken by Mr. Pierre Torset, an activist photographer of France. He gave the copyright of his pictures to YPSA.

These pictures show a place where one-world's toxic trash has the last of its riches reclaimed by the sweat and blood of another's most desperate and dispossessed. The pictures depict an inversion of the right to life and a perversion of the right to work.

Many shipping companies, including quite a few European ones, still choose to dump their end-of-life toxic vessels on the beaches of South Asia to be broken in yards where workers' and human rights are not respected and pollutants cannot be contained. We call to stop end-of-life ships to be broken on the beaches of Bangladesh, and also save migrant workers from doing such hazardous and dangerous job.

--Youth Power in Social Action (YPSA), Chittagong, Bangaldesh

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He is also currently working on a video project with NGO shipbreaking Platform on their new "Off the Beach Campaign".

Visages of Shipbreaking Workers by YPSA