Community Supported Shelters (CSS) is dedicated to developing affordable micro-housing solutions for people in life transitions, in economic hardship, or seeking a simpler way of life.

Our main project currently is the Conestoga Hut Project in Eugene, Oregon. This project is about providing people in need with a small, easy to build, lockable, and dry shelter called a Conestoga Hut. Host sites, usually Churches, sign up to receive one to three of the shelters and learn the ins-and-outs of being a responsible host of their new residents.

CSS also manages two legal rest-stops for people in need of a legal place to sleep. Both rest-stops give 15 people a place to sleep in a tent, or in some cases a Conestoga Hut. More information will be provided on the website soon about the two rest-stops that we call Safe Spots.

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