Background of Coneg LLC
Coneg LLC was founded in August of 2007 by Karl Umland on the basis of energy consulting and has grown to additionally include a strong focus on financial growth. Coneg is a Colorado based company with central operations run out of Denver. A facet of Coneg LLC is its ability to leverage modern technologies to provide a competitive edge, maximize efficiencies and develop a diverse portfolio. Another area Coneg LLC excels in is the ability to expose capital gains and income to the most favorable tax schemes possible.


Become financially independent and to be able to grow sustainably for decades while being in line with our core values.

Mission Statement
Through our core values of Integrity, Philanthropy, Tenacity, Dedication and Commercial Focus we will engage all traditional and modern avenues to provide a stable long term capital growth engine that maximizes return on investment and minimizes risk.


Increase Capital, Decrease Risk

Core Values

  • Tenacity
    • Being determined to achieve
  • Integrity
    • The adherence to moral principles
  • Philanthropy
    • The desire to promote the welfare of others
  • Dedication
    • The quality of being wholly committed to a course of action
  • Commercial Focus
    • Acting with chief emphasis on profit

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