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Goal 1: Subcommittee on Coordination and Collaboration

Facilitate the coordination and collaboration of transportation research efforts, processes, and activities by addressing research from agenda setting through deployment.
The Team's latest Action Plan (Jan 2016) has been posted. 
Team Leaders
Anne Ellis,, and Cameron Kergaye,
Subcommittee Volunteers: As of April 2017 we have updated our membership list. 
Thank you to all our members!  Please contact Anne or Cameron to "opt-in" if you do not see your name listed and wish to be a member of the Subcommittee. 
  • NOTE: Subcommittees do not have "friends," however, since Coordination and Collaboration is also a Task Force under RAC, we have many friends with that affiliation.  
Subcommittee Membership:

 Jason Bittner Applied Research Associates
 Pat Casey CTC and Associates
 Ken Chambers Nevada DOT
 Ron Curb Oklahoma DOT
 Stephanie Dock District of Columbia DOT
 Anne Ellis (Co-Leader) Arizona DOT
 Alison Felix Metropolitan Area Planning Council
 Amanda Gendek New Jersey DOT
 Diane Gurtner Wisconsin DOT
 Hau Hagedorn Transportation Education and Research Center
 Barbara Harder B.T. Harder & Associates
 Jennifer Harper Missouri DOT
 Cameron Kergaye (Co-Leader) Utah DOT
 Robin Kline Office of the Secretary of Transportation/Research
 Peggi Knight Iowa DOT
 Rick Kreider Kansas DOT
 Kendra Levine University of California at Berkeley
 Shannon McDonald 
 Renee McHenry Missouri DOT
 John Moulden US Department of Transportation
 Sue Sillick Montana DOT
 Richard Stewart University of Wisconsin, Superior
 William Stone Missouri DOT

Note: This Subcommittee works with the AASHTO Research Advisory Committee's (RAC) Task Force on Coordination and Collaboration in Transportation Research to achieve similar outcomes with a broader reach than either committee alone. Meeting notes and other information can be found at the AASHTO RAC link, be.
 Scheduled meeting dates:
Wednesday, May 31, 2017 - 11:00 am Eastern time
Wednesday, Aug 30, 2017 - 11:00 am Eastern time
Wednesday, Nov 29, 2017 - 11:00 am Eastern time (back to standard time)
Wednesday, Feb 28, 2018 - 11:00 am Eastern time

Products: Products are developed in collaboration with partners.

Activity 1: RPPM (Research Program and Project Management)
Lead: Sue Sillick
Volunteers: Jason Bittner, Phil Roke, Stephanie Dock, Georgene Geary, Pat Casey, Anne Ellis, Cameron Kergaye, Maina Tran
Activity 2: Funding Guidebook
Lead: Sue Sillick
Volunteers:  Georgene Geary, Pat Casey, Diane Gurtner, Anne Ellis, Michael Townley, Cameron Kergaye, Maina Tran
Activity 3: Unfunded Research Needs and Google Metasearch
Lead: Stephanie Dock 
Volunteers: Aziz Khan, Sue Sillick, Maina Tran

Activity 4: Market Tools and Resources to Potential Users
Lead: Jason Bittner
Volunteers: Stephanie Dock, Pat Casey, Diane Gurtner, Cameron Kergaye, Aziz Khan, Sue Sillick, Barbara Harder, Maina Tran

Activity 5: Establish Liaisons with External and International Committees
Lead: Cameron Kergaye
Volunteers: Jason Bittner, Stephanie Dock, Georgene Geary, Anne Ellis, Michael Townley, Aziz Khan, Hau Hagedorn, Sue Sillick, Barbara Harder, Maina Tran
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