Conditional non discrimination

The following MsExcel files provide complementary experimental results for Adult dataset
with baseline techniques with J48 and Naive Bayes as the base classifier.

The following package provides the resources for reproducing the experiments performed with Adult and Dutch census data.
The code is in Weka.

This MATLAB code generates synthetic data and reproduces plots as in Figure 2.
General call format: discrimination_relation( p(+|med,f), p(+|med,m), p(+|cs,f), p(+|cs,m) )
  • For Case I call: discrimination_relation(0.2,0.2,0.4,0.4)
  • For case II call: discrimination_relation(0.25,0.35,0.25,0.35)
  • For case III call: discrimination_relation(0.15,0.25,0.35,0.45)