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Solar Heater Rebate

solar heater rebate
    solar heater
  • a heater that makes direct use of solar energy
  • Solar water heating (SWH) systems are a mature renewable energy technology which have been accepted in most countries for many years. SWH has been widely used in Israel, Australia, Japan, Austria and China.
  • A partial refund to someone who has paid too much money for tax, rent, or a utility
  • a refund of some fraction of the amount paid
  • give a reduction in the price during a sale; "The store is rebating refrigerators this week"
  • cut a rebate in (timber or stone)
  • A deduction or discount on a sum of money due

Solar Collector
Solar Collector
The collector for our new solar hot water system. This is how we're spending our government checks. Between those checks, the rebate from the power company, and the tax credits from the US Government and the state of Florida, we'll be about $500 out of pocket. The water is hot! Photo by Mack.
Solar Heater
Solar Heater
The intensity of the sun at altitude makes solar heating a no-brainer

solar heater rebate
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