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Quiet Portable Heater

quiet portable heater
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Quiet Man Bridge
Quiet Man Bridge
The Quiet Man Bridge is located 5 miles passed Oughterard, down the Sky Road, which was the setting for the 1950's film "The Quiet Man" starring John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara. It is a major tourist attraction, since it featured in the film The Quiet Man. Leam Bridge, as it is known locally, is in a condition almost identical to 1951.
these are the shots I would love to shoot all of the time. it is simple and quiet. I've been in a photo funk. I'm behind in my 365 (my posting anyway - because i'm not too thrilled with the photos). I know it's a temporary funk, I took this one last weekend so for now here is some quiet for you to enjoy.

quiet portable heater
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