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Portable Home Heaters

portable home heaters
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Day 125 - Happy Valentines Day
Day 125 - Happy Valentines Day
Valentines Day didn't go exactly as planned. We were going to go out to go out to see a movie together and than have SUSHI. We would return home, pop open a bottle of wine...etc But the weather didn't like that plan. Eric could barely get out of the parkinglot after work. His car was entirely iced over. He couldn't even get into the drivers side. Once he pryed the door open, he called me up shivering on his cellphone.. Then he realized that he had to chip more ice off the windshield in order to drive But he couldn't get out of the car. "I can't get out! I'm trapped", His voice crackling over the cellphone, which was also beeping because the battery was dying. "Oh no!, bang on the window.. maybe a passerby will hear you!" Eventually some people helped him pry the door open again so he could escape and chip the ice off the windshield. Snow and ice were flying with blizzard like winds. The electricity was out in certain areas, so there were no street lights. Cars were swirving all over the road. I nearly slipped across the porch when I ran to greet him (he arrived an hour later than usual) I hugged him so tightly, I was just glad he made it home alive. So we were iced in. No movie, dinner or fancy wine. Just the two of us and a plate of spaghetti. "So what are we going to do tonight? We can't even go out to rent a movie" "Well...we have the portable heater.. and we have the boxset you borrowed from the library. (Gilmore girls season 4)" "But you HATE that show" "Well..if you let me rest my head on your lap... " So that's what we did. We turned up our heater, curled up together on the sofa. He rested his head on my lap while I ran my fingers through his hair and we spent Valentines Day watching Gilmore Girls episodes together... Before Eric drifted off to sleep, He whispered "Happy Valentines day..." simple. But that's what the day is about...It's love:) How was your Valentines Day? Day 125 of 365 days
Portable Heater
Portable Heater
Guess this one don't blow hot air anymore, so it was put out to pasture... This was supposed to go up this morning, but I forgot. I remembered after I shut the computer down. Went out, did the grocery shopping and some other stuff. Come home...only...to...find out Flickr was down...and...it...stayed down the rest of the afternoon. It seemed like somebody poured glue down their innards. Oh well, it's back up now. Enjoy.

portable home heaters
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