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Portable Heater Accessories

portable heater accessories
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The TugTub™ is a floating hot tub that is fully portable, lightweight, compact and designed with the space and power limitations of boats in mind. A hot tub that takes up about as much room as your dinghy! TugTub™ comes in two carrying bags and sets up in 5 minutes. Then it’s only about an hour more before you’re ready to experience a new sensation we call Float and Soak™. There are four models of TugTub™spas available. Each model includes a floating spa, a heater, hoses and all the accessories required to Float and Soak™. All you need to provide is the LP Gas and a 12 volt receptacle (optional battery is available)
Allis Chalmers wasn't just tractor production. They had their hand in many pies. Pictured here is their workshop heater and their portable generator set. Allis Chalmers also marketed Poulan chainsaws under their name. Whether painting the chainsaws orange made them perform better, I don't know.

portable heater accessories
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