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Medela Pump Supplies

medela pump supplies
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medela pump supplies - 12v AC
12v AC Adapter/ Power Supply for Medela Pump in Style Advanced
12v AC Adapter/ Power Supply for Medela Pump in Style Advanced
Unlike Medela's original huge-and-large AC adapter, this one won't fell off from the outlet due to its weight. Nor will the cord connector damages itself due to heavy weight. Please look at your original Medela AC adapter or faceplate first to see if it says "12V" or "12VDC". If so, this adapter will work. If it says 9V, this adapter will not work. A 12V adapter will likely damage your 9V pump. We will not be responsible for the damage. If you have a Pump In Style pump that says "9V" on the faceplate or on its adapter, you need to order a different adapter. (currently unavailable from us. Please see other sellers.) This 12V adapter is 100% compatible with your 12V Medela pump or your money back! It is a replacement part for Medela Article # 920.7041.

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Lactation paraphernalia
Lactation paraphernalia
Who knew it would take so much stuff? Clockwise from left: 1) Icy Hot patches, for applying warm compresses discreetly for treatment of engorgement and blocked ducts 2) Fenugreek to help bring in late milk supply and re-up supply for pumping upon return to work 3) Medela washable breast pads, pro - environmentally conscious leak stoppage, con - they stick and rip skin off of nipples 4) Medela disposable breast pads, also sticky and itchy 5) Medela lanolin cream, for healing cracks 6) Playtex gel pad wound dressing, for healing cracks 7) Lansinoh lanolin ointment, aka nipple spackle (for healing baaad cracks) 8) homemade nursing tea, probably mostly for placebo effect 9) Breast shells, the newest device in the line-up, for promoting air circulation and preventing irritation in the healing of, you guessed it, cracks 10) LilyPadz silicone breast pads 11) Lecithin, for treating blocked ducts Something that the race depends on for its survival should be simpler. I think we have less stuff for bottlefeeding than I have for nursing...
This one's a gift from our Ninang Flor. The Medela Electric Pump is, according to the medela website, not for heavy use. I am a Stay-at-home-mom and planning to become a Work-at-home mom so I will need the pump only to increase my supply and in cases when I need to go out.

medela pump supplies