Recycled Flooring Materials - Pain In Pelvic Floor.

Recycled Flooring Materials

recycled flooring materials
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Recycled materials from the Maj
Recycled materials from the Maj
I scored a heap of materials from His Majesty's Theatre in town for use with the project. The materials are recycled from old theatre sets, flooring, staging or stuff like that. There is a lot of ply, masonite, timber, steel pipe, carpet, some truss and some fabrics as well. A lot of the material is marked and painted with theatre tech talk, which might make interesting reading when transformed into something else. The fact that the materials have and will continue to be used in a performance is a continuity that appeals to me. These pieces of stuff are now in the worskshop at ALVA, awaiting transformation in the next 99 days. I'll do a full stockpile of what I've got in the coming days.
Biology Building: Hallway Recycling Bins
Biology Building: Hallway Recycling Bins
This is a photo of hallway recycling bins located inside the biology Building. You can see where there is a bin for plastic, paper, and aluminum. The paint of the wall is light in color and the material on the floor and the walls are low maintenance. All aspects of this photo make this building green.

recycled flooring materials
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