Oak Floor Stain Colors

oak floor stain colors
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oak floor stain colors - Minwax 63486
Minwax 63486 Minwax Stain Marker - Cherry Finish
Minwax 63486 Minwax Stain Marker - Cherry Finish
Sometimes a big can of wood stain is just too much! For smaller jobs and touch ups, the Minwax Cherry Finish Stain Marker is the perfect tool. The Oil-based stain is great for repairing small scratches in furniture, cabinets, doors and floors. They are excellent for the fine detail work required by hobby and woodcraft projects. When you've got a job that requires a lot of precision detailing, or straining to work in hard to reach areas, you'll be amazed by how much time and energy you save. These 1/3 fl. Oz. markers are available in 8 different colors to match the most popular Minwax stain colors. Carded.

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Repaired oak floor
Repaired oak floor
This is the the floor, after I patched and refinished it. As well, I painted the ceiling, walls and trim. The wood used for the patch was supplied by the landlord. It was both limited in quantity and light. Ideally, it would have been a lesser grade of mixed colors, or could have been stained for a better blend. However, the landlord was on a budget, so taking the time to try to hide the patch was a freebie. As may be obvious in the picture, I didn't worry as much about the portion of the patch visible only when the closet was open. In the end, the landlord stiffed me for other parts of the restoration project, so I don't feel bad for not having done more volunteer work than I did beyond what I was asked to do.
Green stained wood asa result of infection by Green Elf Cup - Chlorosplenium aeruginascens
Green stained wood asa result of infection by Green Elf Cup - Chlorosplenium aeruginascens
Sadly I was too late to find the Green Elfcup fungus present. They are the most amazing color that is possible. Unique. Incidently the stained wood used to be used in bespoke furniture making and was called rather erroneously 'Green Oak'.

oak floor stain colors
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