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Electrical Stimulation Pelvic Floor

electrical stimulation pelvic floor
    electrical stimulation
  • Functional electrical stimulation (FES) is a technique that uses electrical currents to activate nerves innervating extremities affected by paralysis resulting from spinal cord injury (SCI), head injury, stroke and other neurological disorders.
  • ES is a test in which a small electrical charge is applied to a muscle via a needle. This determines the level of muscle responsiveness by looking at what happens when the electricity is delivered to the muscle.
  • The use of small doses of electric current to strengthen the pelvic muscles to reduce both stress and urge incontinence. Electrodes are temporarily placed in the vagina or rectum to stimulate nearby muscles.
    pelvic floor
  • The pelvic floor or pelvic diaphragm is composed of muscle fibers of the levator ani, the coccygeus, and associated connective tissue which span the area underneath the pelvis.
  • The floor of the abdominal cavity. It pertains to those structures that form the natural bottom of the pelvic and intra-abdominal cavities.
  • The supportive network of muscles that extends from the pubic bone to the tailbone with openings for the urethra and anus as well as the vagina in women.
  • The muscular base of the abdomen, attached to the pelvis
electrical stimulation pelvic floor - Evidence Based
Evidence Based PT for the Pelvic Floor
Evidence Based PT for the Pelvic Floor
This book by Kari Bo, PT, PhD, Bary Berghmans, Phd, MSc, RPt, Siv Morkved, PT, MSc, PhD and Marijke Van Kampen, PhD, bridges the gap between research and clinical practice in physical therapy for pelvic floor dysfunction. Each treatment chapter focuses on evidence-based rationales for the treatment and RCT's (appraisal of effectiveness), linked to the implications for clinical practice along with procedural recommendations. Includes: Detailed treatment strategies-pelvic floor muscle training, biofeedback and electrical stimulation. Special groups- Men, children, elite athletes, the elderly, pregnancy, neurological diseases. Detailed illustration of pelvic floor anatomy and related neuroanatomy/neurophysiology. MRIs and ultrasounds showing normal and dysfunctional pelvic floor. Strategies to reduce drop-out in conservative treatment. Illustrated. Softcover, 421 pages. Return Policy: Return for this item could only be applied within 10 days after delivery.

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Electrical stimulation
Electrical stimulation
Image from a 1921 German book on the science of extrasensory perception illustrating the electrical stimulation of the hypnotic-lethargic facial muscles, after Professor Duchenne (of the Duchenne smile fame). The illustration probably dates back to late Victorian times.
NMES - Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation
NMES - Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation
As Joshua takes a drink, the stimulation from the electrodes "encourages" him to swallow.

electrical stimulation pelvic floor
electrical stimulation pelvic floor
Drive Medical Digital Electronic Muscle Stimulator with Timer and Carrying Case
Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is a proven, efficient way of treating muscle injuries by the transmission of electronic pulses that causes passive exercise. The stimulation, contraction and relaxation cycle of EMS loosens muscle fibers, increases blood flow and stimulates muscle growth. Digital wave technology provides a highly efficient delivery of the wave signal. Dual isolated channels. Pulse Amplitude: 0-90mA peak to peak into 500 ohm load. Pulse frequency adjustable from 1-150 Hz. Pulse width is adjustable from 30 us ~ 260 use, 10 use/step. Contraction time is adjustable from 1-30 seconds. Relaxation time is adjustable from 1-30 seconds. Ramp time is adjustable from 1-6 seconds. Metal belt clip. Comes complete with carrying case, 2 lead wires, 9-volt battery, 1 package of 4 pre-gelled electrodes and operating manual. 3 Year Limited Warranty.

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