Concrete Floor Slab Construction

concrete floor slab construction
    slab construction
  • Rolling clay out into a broad ?” thick slab, used to form wall, bottom and lids to pots (image right).
  • Handbuilding technique in which flat pieces of clay are joined (clay is flattened and thinned with rolling pin or slab roller)
    concrete floor
  • We use 3500 psi concrete with fibermesh reinforcement, vapor barrier, and expansion joints.  We also offer aprons, sidewalks, and other concrete you need poured while the truck is there.
concrete floor slab construction - Reinforced Concrete
Reinforced Concrete Slabs, 2nd Edition
Reinforced Concrete Slabs, 2nd Edition
Comprehensive, up-to-date coverage of reinforced concrete slabs-from leading authorities in the field.

Offering an essential background for a thorough understanding of building code requirements and design procedures for slabs, Reinforced Concrete Slabs, Second Edition provides a full treatment of today's approaches to reinforced concrete slab analysis and design.

Now brought up to date with a wealth of new material on computer optimization, the equivalent frame method, lateral load analysis, and other current topics, the new edition of this classic text begins with a general discussion of slab analysis and design, followed by an exploration of key methods (equivalent frame, direct design, and strip methods) and theories (elastic, lower bound, and yield line theories). Later chapters discuss other important issues, including shear strength, serviceability, membrane action, and fire resistance.

Comprehensive and accessible, Reinforced Concrete Slabs, Second Edition appeals to a broad range of readers-from senior and graduate students in civil and architectural engineering to practicing structural engineers, architects, contractors, construction engineers, and consultants.

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2010-08-02 06-50-33 592
2010-08-02 06-50-33 592
Aug 2, 2010 was the day the Garage floor slab was poured. The concrete delivery was scheduled at 6am as the forecast for for a high of near 100*F and we needed to get the cooler morning temperature to extend the setup time. The slab was 16'x24'x5.5" and required ~6.5 cubic yards of concrete. The pour and screed process required ~45 minutes before the bull-float work began. This image is one of a series of this portion of the work.
IMG 2760
IMG 2760
Ground floor slab construction in Vietnam. This actually looks quite good compared to some of the "sway frames" I saw while I was out there

concrete floor slab construction
concrete floor slab construction
SCALE: Support | Materialize. Wall, Column, Slab, Roof
Wall, support, ceiling, and roof make up the skeleton of nearly every building. This fourth volume in the series SCALE, Support | Materialize, takes an in-depth look at these load-bearing structures, covering the development and realization of appropriate constructions from idea and design intention all the way to constructional implementation. Following the traditional building methods of massive, cross-wall, and skeleton construction, it points the way toward a material-ap-propriate constructional approach to these defining structural elements - wall, support, ceiling, and roof. Special attention is given to how constructional and technical considerations can be harmonized with spatial and formal commitments. The load-bearing elements are organized, described, and explored in detail from a material as well as a formal and constructional perspective. Their practical implementation is illustrated by a series of international examples.

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