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Locker Room Flooring

locker room flooring
    locker room
  • a room (as at an athletic facility or workplace) where you can change clothes and which contains lockers for the temporary storage of your clothing and personal possessions
  • relating to or appropriate for a locker room; "locker-room humor"
  • A room containing lockers for the storage of personal belongings, esp. in schools or gymnasiums
  • A changing room, locker room, dressing room (usually in a sports, theater or staff context) or changeroom (regional use) is a room or area designated for changing one's clothes.
  • (floored) provided with a floor
  • The boards or other material of which a floor is made
  • floor: the inside lower horizontal surface (as of a room, hallway, tent, or other structure); "they needed rugs to cover the bare floors"; "we spread our sleeping bags on the dry floor of the tent"
  • building material used in laying floors
locker room flooring - The Locker
The Locker Room
The Locker Room
Xander Karcek has only wanted two things in his life: Christian Edwards and basketball-the man he loves and the game that let him escape a childhood he'd rather forget. His two obsessions have served him well. He and Chris beat the odds and stayed together through high school, college, and right on to the NBA. But life under fame's microscope isn't easy, especially when two men are pretending to be frat-buddies so the world doesn't know they're the next best thing to married. Their relationship survives the sacrifices they make and the lies they tell to stay together, but when their secret is exposed, the fallout might destroy them when nothing else could. Chris and basketball are the two things holding Xander together. Now the world is asking Xander to make a choice. Is there an option that includes a future with the man he loves?

79% (15)
Duplo Locker Room
Duplo Locker Room
Locker room has sides for guys and for gals, complete with changing rooms, toilets, privacy curtains (Duplo sleeping bags), and sinks with mirrors. Well, the girls get a sink. The guys have to pretend their empty file cabinet is really a place to wash their hands. (Though studies have recently show that guys don't often wash their hands after using the bathroom anyway!) There are tiled signs in the floor to let you know which side is for the guys and which for the gals. I wanted to put them somewhere else, but Madeleine insisted that they stay right there.
Locker Room. Waiting.
Locker Room. Waiting.
I was early for the workout. Nobody was there, and looking at the bright and naked white walls, the anonymous easy to wash floor, and the thin little benches I thought 'Man, it would be a real challenge to take a decent picture in this place'. On a side, technical, note: took with my panasonic fs3 which I inadvertently dropped, open, on the asphalt while fiddling with my gloves. Now it still works fine, except for some minor vignetting when shooting upward. Tough little machine.

locker room flooring
locker room flooring
Locker Room Nudes / Dieux du Stade: The French National Rugby Team
This remarkable collection of candid nude photos of France’s national rugby team goes beneath the uniform to reveal what real jocks look like underneath it all. Each image taken by leading French photographer Francois Rousseau depicts the rugby player?alone or with teammates?undressing, lounging on the bench, showering. Locker Room Men is at once a celebration of athletes and the beauty of the male form as well as the fulfillment of the fantasy of going behind the scenes in a winning team’s locker room.
Sure to appeal to both gay men and straight women, these photos are unusual because the men are not models. They don’t work out just to look good?and look good they do?their bodies are sculpted by winning victories on the field. They aren’t made up, shaved, or prettified in any way. These are some of the world’s best rugby players?brawny, tough, competitive.
Since 1999, the French national rugby team has posed nude or semi-nude for an annual calendar. The purpose behind the calendar was to get wider “exposure” for rugby and the team. In 2004, Francois Rousseau was selected as photographer, and he successfully brought out the sensual beauty and sexiness inherent in the rugby players’ rough and tumble exterior. The calendar became a cult hit, and thus the book was born so that even more of these unparalleled images could be savored.
Whether or not rugby will become more popular in this country remains to be seen, but this book will certainly raise the game’s profile…

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