Extra Notes

Before starting this project, I suggest you research as much as you can on the internet.
Make sure that your floor will accecpt the stain. Dripping a bit of water on the floor and seeing if it is soaked into the concrete is a first start. If the floor was previously sealed or the free lime was washed away, the stain will not work. Any glue spots will not accept the stain, so remove all spots before starting. If carpeting with glue was in place, it may be very difficult to get all the glue up.
This picture was taken after I did the first acrylic coat. It is glue
that I didn't fully get up before I started. Overall
it does not de-
tract from the floor, but do clean the floor carefully.
Some sites that I have viewed suggest sanding the top layer of the concrete or applying a thin layer of concrete over your present concrete if the present concrete will not take the stain. In addition there are other methods to use, for example concrete dye. The Concrete Network site has all of this information.
I was able to complete this project with stunning results with out a lot of effort or experience. If you really feel that you can't do it on your own but really want this look, there are many reputable companies around the country that will do it for you. Since 2005, when I did this project, many contractors have started offering this flooring option.
I hope that this site has been helpful and inspiring!