The Concord Minute Men

The Minute Men at the North Bridge

It was January 12, 1775, when the original Concord Minute Men signed the muster rolls thus organizing one of the most famous citizen militia units in American history.

They led the march to Concord's North Bridge on April 19, 1775, provided the first forcible resistance to the British in the American Revolution, and forever recorded their town's name in the annals of American history.

The Minute Men stand easy

Plans for the reactivated Minute Men began in April, 1962, and a proclamation chartering the unit was issued by the Concord Selectmen and the Public Ceremonies Committee on December 10, 1962. The date of the first muster was Saturday January 12, the same date the original Minute Men first mustered in 1775.

Today's Minute Men

The Minute Men fire a salute

Today's Minute Men portray the colonial civilians of 1775. They were mostly farmers who were in opposition to the British Parliament's acts of aggression.

The Concord Minute Men take part in a number of area parades, civic ceremonies, battle re-enactments and living history demonstrations. The highlight of the year is the April 19th reenactment at the Old North Bridge in Concord that started the American Revolution.

The Concord Minute Men

If you have an interest in the Revolutionary War and would like to learn more about the history of Concord or the Minute Men you should consider joining our outfit. The Concord Minute Men is open to all men age 16 and older.