Reimbursement Guidelines

Tax Exempt Status

Concord PTO cannot legally reimburse any sales tax paid on purchases made on behalf of the PTO.  Please use the PTO’s sales tax exempt number when purchasing items for PTO committees and activities.

Our sales tax exempt number is 34141.
Our Federal Tax I.D. number is 41-1749453.

We have a separate Customer ID to use at OfficeMax; that is #000595844967.

Occasionally, vendors require a copy of the Certificate of Exempt Status showing that number.  If needed, copies of the Certificate are available in the school office and from the PTO Treasurer.

Reimbursement Requests

To be reimbursed for purchases made on behalf of the PTO, please complete a Concord PTO Reimbursement Request Form available on the Forms page and drop it off in the PTO mailbox in the school office. The forms are also available in the school office and from the Treasurer and Treasurer-Elect.

When submitting a request:

1.     Submit the request promptly.

2.     Attach all receipts to the request.

3.     Remember that sales tax cannot be reimbursed.

The Treasurer will pick up the requests from the school office each week. If faster payment is required, please contact the Treasurer directly. Please cash all reimbursement checks within 60 days. All reimbursements must be submitted by June 15, 2013.


Checks and cash that are received on behalf of the PTO should be submitted as soon as possible to the Treasurer for deposit. 

When submitting a deposit:

1.     Put all checks, coins and currency in a sealed envelope.

2.     Write on the outside of the envelope:

-        date

-        the name of the person or committee submitting the deposit

-        separate dollar amounts of checks and each denomination of currency and coin

3.     Deliver the deposit directly to the Treasurer or call the Treasurer and have the deposit locked up in the safe in the school office for the Treasurer to pick up. 

Note regarding Large Deposits: Chairs of activities that generate more than 50 checks should coordinate in advance with the Treasurer to assure the efficient handling of deposits. Checks should be bundled in increments of 50 with an adding machine tape or spreadsheet total of each bundle attached before deposit is given to the Treasurer.  An adding machine is available in the school office or may be borrowed from the Treasurer.

Questions? Contact Carrie Knowles, Treasurer at or Roisin Laskin, Treasurer-Elect at Thank you!