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Singers' Page

This is a page for the singers in the group. It can have rehearsal notes, announcements of upcoming events, a calendar, and some computer files to assist in parts' practice.

If there's anything else you'd like to see here, tell Chuck Mullen, who will add them to the site as time and his day job permit.

Links of interest:

    1 - Click on the link above
    2 - Scroll down to just past the text that says,

Shepherds and Angels, for SATB chorus, trombone, and piano, premiered in New England by The Master Singers of 
Lexington, MA, Adam Grossman, music director.

    3 - Just below that, you will see all the movements of the piece listed in order, and beneath each movement's title, there is a little 
         audio player you can use to listen to it. Click on the little right-pointing arrow at the left end of the audio player.

* The Noteworthy Composer Viewer lets you watch the practice pieces and see the notes being played as you listen to your part with (but somewhat louder than) the other parts. Unfortunately, Noteworthy Composer is written to work only with Windows, and will not run on a Mac. For more information about Noteworthy composer, see www.noteworthysoftware.com.

If you have an older copy of the Noteworthy Viewer, you might appreciate some of the changes offered by the newest version. For example, the new version lets you print a copy of the score, begin listening at a particular measure, and - here's the best part - speed up or slow down the playback, which helps you learn quick, complicated sections more easily.

Note: "Spring, 2015" files are obviously not for this winter's concert - I will try to add more timely files shortly.

Some people use Apple or Unix computers, where the Noteworthy Viewer 
does not work. Instead, they can use these files: Current pieces - midi files


Sacred Harp singing


L'dor Vador