Now you can enjoy Genzoh Takehisa's "Confrontation with the Fortepiano, Chapter 3" in July 2017
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Enjoy 1st-rate concert with only "ONE COIN"......500 yen

Full program concerts only with 500 yen. This has been made possible with our policy of non-profit activity.  We proudly offer to the citizens, students ,,,,everybody just for the pleasure of music. This concert will be run in a series. 

Mass media have been keen on us!

-This activity was introduced by MinoFM in July, 2012. You can listen to the telephone interview on the web. 
-This concert series was kindly introduced by J-COM, a cable-TV, in a program "Ochanoko-SAISAI". 

Bösendorfer 1920  A restored historical grand piano

The venue Osaka University Hall embraces a historical piano, Bösendorfer Concert manufactured in Vinna in the year of 1920, Japanese year of Taisho 9. You will definitely be able to appreciate its tones, resonance and sonorities all different from modern pianos. Enjoy its fragrances from the past good days.

Sneak preview and review of the performances 

Just click here to see and hear the performances of the upcoming players. Some performances at this Osaka University Hall are also accessible. CLICK!

Players, Musicians

Music on the stage, mostly classical music, is performed by internationally renowned professional players. We also try to offer young musicians performing chances in public.  Music played on CDs is only a kind of music, and never means all. Live performances inspire and stimulate you with the passions, powers and love for music of the players. All those help understand the players as a human. We plan occasional performances by the Osaka University "musicians", namely, students, professors and administrators. Enjoy it! 

Osaka University's New Hall and the Historical Great Bösendorfer  Piano

A new hall has been given a birth at Osaka University, on the Toyonaka Campus. This "One-coin Concert Series" cordially invites you to The Osaka University Hall , and give chances to experiences "space" Osaka University. The Hall proudly embraces a historica Bösendorfer piano manufactured in 1920. Please come join us in the concerts and enjoy the "fragrance" of a vintage piano from Vienna. 

Dedicated Contribution by "Fortepiano Yamamoto Collection"

We were offered a precious and dedicated contribution by Mr. Nobuo YAMAMOTO, the owner of "Fortepiano Yamamoto Collection" at Sakai City, Osaka, JAPAN to start the activity for the first year. He is an internationally renowned reconstructor of historical pianos. His collection comprises pianos magically restored by himself, a superb and precious miracle. 

We listen to music by our heart, we see music by our eyes, we touch music,,,,

heart shape by various vegetables and fruits
Music is tasty. It is on one hand enjoyable to listen to each sound that comprises collectively a big music piece, in an analytical way. One one hand, though, it is quite enjoyable when music you are not familiar with touches your heart and moves you. Know this excitement, and enjoy music!


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