Space Academy is an educational Pokemon-style RPG software CD for fifth graders, with animated cut scenes.

Character Ideation:
Cody is an naive and intrepid 11 year-old Space Captain-in-training. He is unorganized and always ready to jump into battle without thinking anything through. He can be cocky and unorganized, but he is brave, adventurous and loyal. His hobbies are space exploration and video games.

Yula is an alien girl whose alien age roughly equals 13 earth years old. She is also a Space Captain-in-training and is highly intelligent, organized and logical. She has a tendency to become impatient with Cody and can be a snob, but she understands the value of teamwork and appreciates his enthusiasm.

Height comparison of Yula and Cody.

A color test of Yula and Cody with several aliens.

Gameplay Ideation:
Gameplay will be based on the Pokemon series. Players will control a sprite character (that represents a miniaturized version of Cody or Yula) and navigate an isometric world.
Sprites will look similar to this:

This is an example of how the environment might look as the player interacts with it. 
Players will explore the world to look for alien life forms and interact with objects. In order to progress in the game, players will be challenged with "Triva battles". Depending on the world the character is on, the type of Trivia could be Math, Science, History or Geography.

This is an idea of what the menu screen may look like. Buttons and artwork on this page should have a shiny toy-like quality.

This is how the screen may look when the player is in a Math Battle. An alien lifeform will pose a question, and the player will have four choices as to what the right answer may be. The alien will challenge the player with enough questions to either deplete their or your HP bar.

In this mock screencap, the player chose the correct answer, and some of the Alien's bar on the right has been depleted. The player's icon appears happier, and the alien reacts. In this example, the alien does not want you to win.

In this picture, the player has chosen an incorrect answer. The alien's bar is not affected, the character's picture reflects frustration, and the alien reacts. Your health bar takes a hit.

The tool box on the right of the answer box has four icons that represent Notebook, Help, Exit and Settings respectively.

Clicking Notebook will open up a white screen so that the student can work out the solution to the problem on screen. The Notebook can be used either by dropping cursors and typing or by writing with a pen tablet.
Two new icons appear in blue in the notebook. Undo will undo typing and pen strokes, and Clear will clear all of the writing or typing on the screen.

Clicking Help will give the student step by step instructions on how to solve the type of question being asked of them. In this example the student is working on Mixed Fractions.

Environment Ideation:
Here are some environment Ideation sketches.

A concept for the world that the Brain alien dwells in. After an animated cut scene in which the player discovers the world, the player would begin at their spaceship, and discover a smaller ship that has crash-landed. Players will explore the world and discover a glass elevator atop a volcano. After taking the elevator, the player interacts with the Brain alien and engages in a math battle.

Cody's room on the ship,  this could be the background for the save screen if you choose to play as Cody.

This is Yula's room. This could be the background for the save screen if you choose to play as Yula.

This is an idea of what the kid's ships may look like. The top ship is their main ship that they depart to different worlds from. This ship has access to trivia training, scorecards, mini-games and easter eggs.
The ship on the bottom is what the kid's personal transportation might look like. They would use this mini ship for short distance trips to different worlds in a solar system.

This is an idea of what the Brain's ship might look like. The ship is controlled with telepathy and has retractable legs and jets for flying and landing.

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