Concealed Gun Purses

  • not accessible to view; "concealed (or hidden) damage"; "in stormy weather the stars are out of sight"
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concealed gun purses
concealed gun purses - Concealed Carry
Concealed Carry Purse - CCW Gun Bag with Room to Spare
Concealed Carry Purse - CCW Gun Bag with Room to Spare
GUN POCKETS: The dedicated gun pockets (6" x 9") are accessed on the front of the bag on both the right and left sides. Designed for RIGHT- OR LEFT-HAND draw with ample 8 ½" zipper opening. FRONT: Dressed with a classic style gold-toned buckle, the front snap-close pocket is large enough for a cell phone or keys. The front also provides access to your weapon from either side with individual cloth-lined, zip-close pockets. BACK: Zip-close pocket large enough for cell phone, keys or lipstick. MAIN: Large cloth-lined, single zip-close compartment divided by a single additional zip-close pocket. One side of the main compartment has two open pockets for keys or cell while the other side has a small zip-close pocket for lipsticks or credit cards. The overall size of the bag is 14" x 12" x 5". SHOULDER STRAP: Detachable shoulder strap is adjustable from 12" to 24" for crossbody or attached dual handles for under-arm carry for versatility. Both straps are approximately 1" wide. LINING: Cloth DETAILS: Accented with gold-toned hardware; long tassel zipper pulls on weapon compartment; distressed leather look exterior DESIGNED to allow you to conceal a small weapon and carry "the kitchen sink" with you as well. No one will ever know you are carrying.

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In Style!
In Style!
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concealed gun purses
concealed gun purses
Leather Concealed Carry Fanny Pack - Gun Conceal Purse / Bag fits up to 48inch Waist - For Men & Women
Gun concealment fanny pack features the look of a common waist pack - able to discreetly and safely transport your hand gun. Main Gun Concealment Pocket features a removable leather holster held securely in place by Velcro and Velcro straps. Main Gun Concealment Compartment measures: 16 inches (at widest) by 8.25 inches (at tallest) and is about 3.5 inches deep featuring 2 zipper pulls. Customer's say that it will comfortably fit a full size Beretta, Glock 22 or similar size gun. Other Customers have stated that it is able to store more than one smaller size hand gun together at one time. For example: it has held a sub compact .40 cal., Officers size Colt and a 2" .44 Spl revolver - one at a time. Self repairing zippers make opening and closing all pockets a smooth easy process. Gun Concealment Purse / Bag for Men or Women is created from "buttery soft" genuine leather and features 3 additional zippered storage pockets. Rear hidden storage pocket measures 6 inches deep by 6.5 inches wide and is great for extra ammo or any other fire arm accessories you may need to have with you. The middle storage pocket measures 6.5 inches wide by 4.25 inches tall and about 1.25 inches deep - perfect for storing your cell phone, wallet, car keys etc. A small front zippered pocket is great for quick access to small valuables like your FOIT card, cash, ID, change etc. The adjustable nylon waist strap fits up to 48 inches and features a strong plastic clip buckle. This leather pistol belt bag is available in Black leather only. Leather Concealed Carry Fanny Pack will make a great gift for any Firearms Owner in your life.