...coz a picture speaks a thousand words!

 Concerned about your privacy? Or do you feel insecure about your data when it goes through this web? Or you just want to exchange messages with your friends without your network administrator poking in?

There may be many scenarios when you wish that you could somehow feel safe about the conversation you’re having. Well, here’s this little piece of software just for you. It can hide text into pictures & photographs. Now many softwares do that, what’s so good about this one?

Key Features:

  • This software provides the double protection of both cryptography & steganography to ensure your security and privacy.
  • The encryption is done with AES (a.k.a Rijndael) algorithm which is adopted as an encryption standard by the U.S government.
  • The password is hashed with SHA512.
  • The resultant image produced don't have any noise, the picture quality is as good as the original image.
  • This software don't need the original image to get the contents back.
  • It avoids detection by the commonly used steganalysis techniques.
  • Zippy fast and user friendly.