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Holly Winter the malamute trainer knows she’s not the only Holly Winter living in Cambridge, Massachusetts, but it would be so much nicer if Holly number two weren’t a dog-hating academic... and if a third woman calling herself Holly Winter didn’t happen to be dead. Holly number one can attest to this unfortunate fact, having discovered the gunned-down body while searching for a missing Siberian husky.

Another missing dog – this time a blue malamute – is somehow tied into this tangled web. With her husband Steve away on a camping trip and her other human housemates otherwise occupied, Holly and her prize-winning pups will have to bring the case to heel on their own – before a killer sniffs them out.

“Conant’s latest Dog Lover’s mystery is well presented and has an interesting premise. The pacing is fast, and the tension escalates as Holly unravels the layers of clues. Along with the first-rate mystery, readers will also learn more about the intriguing world of dog training and breeding.”—Romantic Times

Poor Dolfo. It wasn’t the golden Aussie huskapoo’s fault that he wasn’t housebroken. Blame it on his owners, Ted and Eumie, a New Age couple who couldn’t bring themselves to restrain a dog’s free spirit with collars, leashes, or obedience training. Leave that to Holly Winter, who’s been enlisted to do it for them. Now, she’s just one of a pack of psychiatrists, psychologists, pharmacologists, and alternative healers who medicate the dysfunctional pair, soothe their troubled children, and placate their bitter ex-spouses.

Unfortunately, Eumie’s “trauma history” gets the best of her when she succumbs to an accidental overdose of mixed meds. Her daughter, Caprice, a human stray who knows the dirty little secrets of both sides of the family, is convinced it was murder. So is Holly. But who hated-or feared-Eumie enough to have her put down? It’s up to Holly to find a killer; sort out the motives and mysteries of the shady brood, and get back to giving Dolfo the attention he deserves. . .

“Not just dog lovers should enjoy Conant’s carefully crafted 17th mystery to feature the Cambridge, Mass., dog trainer and amateur sleuth, Holly Winter . . . Plenty of interesting facts about Holly’s favorite breed, the Alaskan malamute, coupled with the humorous portrait of the Boston-area therapeutic community, help make this a particularly delightful cozy.” —Publishers Weekly

Dog trainer Holly Winter and her veterinarian are about to join hands. Unfortunately a new string of murders has caught Holly’s attention-and she can't help but take it personally when she notices a pattern emerging: female dog lovers seem to be the victims of choice. Now, the killer has promised a next victim and Holly fears it’ll be her. How can she stop him from killing again? If she wants to make it to her wedding day, she’d better get a clue.

“For the unabashed fido fancier . . . these tales are tastier than liver treats . . . The story undoubtedly will teach readers something new about their canine companions.”
—Booklist Widgets