Jessica Conant-Park and Susan Conant

Cozy mystery authors 

Welcome to the daughter-and-mother Web site of Jessica Conant-Park and Susan Conant, who write the Chloe Carter series of Gourmet Girl mysteries. Susan is the author of seventeen dog lover’s mysteries that chronicle the adventures of Holly Winter and her Alaskan malamutes, Rowdy, Kimi, and Sammy. Susan’s cat lover’s mystery, Scratch the Surface, introduces cat-mystery writer Felicity Pride and her Chartreux cats,                                                             Edith and Brigitte.

Here you will find news about Susan and Jessica, information about their books, links to some of their favorite web sites, recipes, and, inevitably, photos of Susan’s beloved malamutes. Thank you for visiting! Jessica and Susan would love to hear from you.


Jessica has a new young adult book out! RELATIVELY FAMOUS is now available on Amazon:

Click HERE to purchase the book and HERE to purchase the kindle version. Other e-reader versions are availble through Smashwords.

Check out Jessica's web site for more information and chapter sneak peeks!

Author Mary Kennedy has given Jessica a wonderful review!

Dani McKinley is an intriguing character--a bright, engaging 14 year old with a wicked sense of humor and a strong moral compass. She's close to her mother, Leila, and devoted to her best-friend, Samantha, but something is missing in her life: a father. As the book unfolds, the author draws a dead-on portrait of Hollywood, creates a set of believable characters and offers enough twists and turns to keep readers turning the pages. We're rooting for Dani all the way. It's a delight to meet a teen character who is thoughtful, kind and has scruples. Both adults and teens will enjoy this novel and one hopes there is a sequel in the works.

  • ALERT!!! Um, there seems to have been an odd printing error in a batch of Cook the Books! Some copies contain a thirty-page excerpt from Charliane Harris' CLUB DEAD. Yeah, it's weird, but... If your copy is defective, please return it to your bookstore or place of purchase and let me know so I can pass on the information to my publisher!

    FED UP is the wo

    nderful fourth entry in the Gourmet Girl series, and 

    this reviewer's favorite so far--and I've loved them

     all. Mix together equal parts of humor and suspense, then double the amount of great writing, endea

    ring, whacky characters and lots of fabulous food and recipes--and don't forget a generous dash of romance--and the result is one wildly entertaining and delicious cozy mystery. There's one heck of a cliffhanger that'll have regular readers of the series crossing off dates on the calendar until book five appears...FED UP is highly recommended to the discriminating connoisseur of cozy mysteries! (Debora Hosey)