Student Accounts updated 8/22/15

The band club student accounts represent the amount the student has accumulated through various fundraisers, and is available to use on band related expenses. A percentage of the students' fundraising sales gets added to their accounts. 

Please take a moment and check for your student's balance. It is listed by student ID number.   

Students accounts can only be used to pay for a student’s band related expenses such as uniform costs, trip payments, private band lessons, t-shirts and senior banquet tickets.  Please coordinate with Mr. Moorhouse to use a student account to pay for private lessons.   With sufficient funds in the account and Mr Moohouse's approval,  the CBPC treasurer will write a check directly to the instructor.

After a student's last year in band, the ending balance may be rolled over to a sibling in the band.  It can also be rolled over to a sibling that is in the 7th or 8th grade the year following the older sibling's departure - if that younger sibling joins the band when he/she enters Conant.  Parents must notify the Conant Band Parents Club prior to the band member's departure in order to roll over the ending balance to a sibling.

We are not able to write a check to a student for any unused balance, as the students were selling items under the pretense that it was a Conant band club fundraiser. 

If you have any further questions, please contact Laurie Zawadzki at

Note:  The latest update as of August 22, 2015 includes funds carried over from last year and transferred from a sibling who left the band, plus student account funds used to cover uniform costs. 

The following student accounts have negative balances.  Please send payment to Mr. Moorhouse.
Student IDs with negative balance
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  55k v. 2 Aug 23, 2015, 9:15 PM Laurie Zawadzki