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Rehearsal and Performance Policy

All jazz band members are required and expected to attend all rehearsals and performances throughout the year.  Two unexcused absences per semester for rehearsals may be allowed; a student’s jazz band eligibility will be compromised if the student misses a performance or has more than two unexcused absences per semester for rehearsals.  An excused absence requires a written note from a parent or guardian given to the Director with at least a 1 day notice for rehearsals or a 2 week notice for performances or it will be marked as an unexcused absence.  A student missing a rehearsal the week of a performance will be unable to perform at that function (at director's discretion .  Excused absences will be given only if the director finds the reason for absence credible or acceptable.  Illness or emergencies require a phone call or email to be made an hour before rehearsal begins (847-755-3802/  A written note from a parent may be needed.
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Oct 4, 2012, 9:55 AM