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Drum Line 2015-16

Below are the audition results.  Please view it carefully.  

Pit Percussion/Cymbals players:
This year's field show requires a strong and active pit percussion.  Your role is very important.  Please begin to listen and familiarize yourself with all parts as we will be relying heavily on you to provide the needed percussion instrumentation (including marching crash cymbals).  You will not be bored and remember that you will be front and center (and featured!!).  Be ready to boost the band's sound into the crowd.  
All percussionists are required to purchase a music flip folder (like all band students do) to hold your music.  Though the drum line does not use flip folders during marching performances, this will come in handy for rehearsals/performances (playing stand tunes at football games and pep band games) while preventing music from being misplaced, lost or destroyed.  Please have your own flip folder with the music packet cut down and inserted in the windows before Drum Line Camp in August (excluding the cadence packet, as it is too large to fit in a flip folder).  

As a reminder, the Drum Line will need to have their field show music memorized.  Please visit the Reference Recordings webpage for recordings of our field show available for download.  Likewise, take note of the Drum Line camp schedule in August.

Any questions, feel free to email me. 

Well done everyone!
Go Band!
Mr. Moorhouse