Our Vision

We embrace the challenges in broadening participation of computing in middle schools in underserved communities as opportunities for university computer science students to develop valuable technical and communication skills. 

Our central theme - middle school teachers can be supported in integrating computing with help and role models of carefully mentored undergraduate software development teams, who in turn gain from collaborative learning, software engineering practice with a real client, peer leader experiences, and an opportunity to see the potential impact of their computing expertise in helping others. Service learning also may improve underrepresented participation in college-level computer science

Highlighted Activities

development of computational thinking activities and increased collaborative and differentiated learning opportunities to enable computing-based learning in middle school, 

a service learning course for UD CS majors, with collaborative development teams matched with CCCS teachers and led by peer leaders to develop XO learning activities and apply good software engineering practice with feedback from a real client, and 

* continuous software and professional development customized to teachers’ student learning goals, with biannual teacher-focused workshops for training and collaborating.