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Who needs page numbers?  Ooooops!

You can number  your pages in the Header and Footer tool bar, but here I will cover using the Page Numbers dialog box. 

On the Menu bar click Insert.  From the drop down menu select Page Numbers...

Here you can decide the Position and the Alignment of your numbers. Click the down arrows and select which you want. Check how your page will look in the Preview box on the right.

Tip: If Show number on first page is checked, the first page will show #1. If you don't want a number on the first page, un-check the box and the second page will start with #2.  

If you click on the Format... button it will take you to the window like the one below:

Here you can change your Number formatInclude chapter number. Check out the Page numbering.

Tip: Click on the down arrow to the right of  the Number format... to find a selection of numbers which will be good for Table of Contents, etc.


Remove Page Numbers

Be in Print Layout view.

1. Click View on the menu bar

2. Select Print Layout

Double click the page number you want to delete. This will bring up the Header/Footer tool bar.

Double click the page number again and this will select the number and the frame around it. See example above.  Hit Delete on the keyboard. Close the Header/Footer tool bar.

Tip: If you don't delete the page number frame (see that little box around the number 2 in the above illustration?),  it will continue to displace page numbers you want to insert. Sometimes when this happens, it is easier to select everything in the Header/Footer, delete it then start over.

Note: When you delete a page number, Word automatically removes all the page numbers in that document.


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