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Why use headers  &  footers?

Headers and footers typically contain titles, page numbers, footnotes and stuff for a document. A header is text that appears within the top margin on each page, a footer appears in the bottom margin. 

Follow these steps to add or edit headers and footers in the document: 

    1. Select View/Header and Footer from the menu bar. The Header and Footer tool bar will appear and the top of the page will be highlighted as shown below.

 2. Type the heading in the Header box. You may use many of the standard text formatting options such as font face, size, bold, italics, etc.

3. Click the Insert AutoText button to view a list of quick options available.

 4. Use the other options on the tool bar to add page numbers, the current date and time.

 5. To edit the footer, click the Switch between Header and Footer button on the tool bar, or scroll down to the bottom to the page.

 6. When you are finished with the headers and footers, click the Close button on the tool bar.

 Tip: You can set a different header and footer on the first page by selecting Page Setup from the File menu, clicking the Layout tab from the open dialog box and then selecting Different First Page from the available options.


Print Preview

Preview your document by clicking the Print Preview button on the standard tool bar. Or by selecting File/Print Preview.



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