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Ginger Edwards Google Profile

Ginger Edwards’ Main Site
Read excerpts from The Darkness Comes, a speculative, adventure novel about dragons, wizards, power, good and evil. There is an article about speculative fiction. 

Ginger Edwards Home
If home is where the heart is then here is family and pets, art, writing and the wonderful people met along the way. 

Skulls 4 You
One-of-a-kind ceramic skulls from the catacombs, the forsaken, the rogues, and the fabled skulls. There are decorated skulls, mini skull, carved skulls and personalized skulls. 

Short Speculative Stories    

Read short fantasy, sci-fi, horror and other stories by Ginger Edwards 

Skulls Space
A skull side show of original ceramic skulls, skulls dancing the Cancan, and the poem, ‘Lines Inscribed Upon A Cup Formed From A Skull’ by Lord Byron. 

Computer Tips 4 Writers
This writer's tutorial can make writing easier and faster allowing the writer more time to create with less frustration. Included are tips and quotes.  

Ginger Edwards’ Resources for Writers
Internet resources for writers covering agents, editors, publishers, calendars, dictionaries, encyclopedias, grammar & punctuation, history, legal help, maps, money, translators, and articles on writing. 

Sculptures by Ginger Edwards
Bronze and clay fantasy sculptures of dragons, unicorns, mermaids, seahorses, original masks, unique ceramic jewelry, and ceramic skulls.

 Writer's Jokes
Here there are jokes about writers, writing, books, editors, publishers and links to web sites on writing jokes. 

Ginger Edwards, author MySpace
A MySpace full of stuff including a poem about daughters, Randa, Rhonda, Rae Ann and Merlina René. 

Ginger, Ginger, Ginger MySpace
Writing and art, family, favorite quotes, plays, music and movies. 

Dragon's Mark novels
About the Dragon's Mark fantasy/adventure/speculative novels with dragons and wizards, good, and evil. 

Foo Wizard
A modern day speculative fiction novel about a dragon and his foo wizard. 

A speculative novel about the last dragon’s war. 

Ginger Edwards site
Author and artist. 

Ginger Edwards Writer
Author of speculative fiction. 

The Darkness Comes novel
A speculative fictional novel of good and evil. 

4E and Me
When I met Forrest J Ackerman, Forry, in 1983

Dragon Dialogues
Do dragons talk? A delightful little book. Great dragon images on this web site.

Ginger Edwards' Links
Great links to great sites. 

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